Ok, i see anagram solvers all over the internet, but what i dont understand is where they get a list of words from. Does C# have a library that has a list of words in it that you can select from for this situation?

Ok, I have a list of words now. but now i have a new problem that i think can probably be solved with an array, but i've never been good with arrays, so hopefully someone can help me.

in my program i have the letters 'tnap' in a text box. i want to add to a new text box any words in my dictionary file that can be made out of the letters in my original text box. i dont know exactly how i should go about doing that. does anyone have a suggestion?

An easy way would be to sort the word alphabetically in the text box, then loop through each line on the text file and sort it (after removing the newline character of course). If you have a match, add the word to the second textbox.

To do that, you would need a temporary variable like "orig" or something defined outside of the scope of the loop to store each word from each line before you sort it, then when you find a match, you just add orig to the second textbox.

Hope this helps