Does anyone know of any chip I can buy that I can easily have a C program communicate with through USB and separates the signal into individual parallel connections? Basically I need to send 125 bits to be separated at a given time, so the larger the separation, the better.

Also I'm still new to C (know a lot about java, but not c), so how hard is it to get C to communicate with hardware, such as a usb connection?

I just realized I could of used the printer port, So now I have three questions.

1 Is there a way to easily communicate through the printer port (one way only) using all(or most) 25 pins?

2 Is there a difference between a printer port off the mother board and one that's usb to printer port, when it comes to using the 25 pins as output?

3 If I were to use a few of the 25 pins as input to produce a static signal, could I easily identify my device from any connected printer?