heyy everione this is ma first post here ive been readin sum posts here for i guess for a month, i want u guys to suggest some codes or features in vb to make the layout of the forms attractive thx in advance...

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use manifest file.

you will need a vb skins for that... or if you want you can design your own.

or just read this thread...

Click Here

how can i design on ma own?? actualii im a new user therefore i dun knw much can u give me sum ideas thx

nice cometburn.thanks.
and for Sroxx, if u want to manifest file i'll post it to you.it will make your program looks like your windows style.i means adapted,in xp looks like xp,in vista looks like vista.

im Sorry Sroxx, i never had the time to design my own. =)

google "VB skins" and you'll find some topics and samples.

@ Jx_Mans yeah sure i wuld like to have a look at it

You can you some third party tools also.

this is a sample of manifest file :
put this file in a same folder with your exe file then change the manifest file name as your exe name.


Ok. hope this helps.


Tried it but doesnt have effect... Can you explain more about this?

there are manifest file. put this file in a same folder with your exe file then rename manifest file with your exe file name.
ex : exe file Name -> test.exe
manifest name -> test.exe.manifest

does this make buttons have those black borders?

hhmm.. yes, if you put it in frame control.
see this :

ok thanks..

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