hi, i have a question regarding playing audio file using vb 2005. Here is my working code:

Dim dlgFileDialog As New OpenFileDialog

        dlgFileDialog.FileName = "C:\Documents and Settings\wek060049\Desktop\MusicAppreciation\Resources\1.mp3"
        Me.AxWindowsMediaPlayer1.URL = dlgFileDialog.FileName

it is working perfectly, i am wondering if i build an installation file from my project will it still working since i am using the path for the location of audio file. If the answer is not, any solution to solve this problem?

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usually strings like what you show paths, connection strings,... saved in .config files that's a solution... but I'll give you another solution is to use relative path without refering to long path as u did simply if you need to tell your application you'll find the audio file besides the .exe so the path is "\\1.mp3"

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