i wanna make a .com file. i mean command.com file. i m using visual C++ 6.0. i know the way to make the EXE files but dont know how could i make a COM file

A .COM file is a 16-bit image file. You'll need a 16-bit compiler and a 16-bit linker.

I presume you are talking about an executable file, right? .COM as opposed to .EXE?

Do you need the output to be an old COM file or can you live with a 16-bit EXE?

(COM is really ancient. You'd need some old tools to create such a file.)

what kind of tools boss?? plz say the names of those tools. i need those.

I've been looking around. Your best bet is to start VC++ and start a 16-bit project. Make sure to compile with a "small" memory model. Once you have your EXE, google for programs like "exe2com" or "bin2obj", which will help you. It is been a very long time since I've made COM programs, so I don't remember all the details of how to do it.

Good luck.

Yes, but on Win32 systems you can just rename any executable file to .COM and it will run properly...


Hm. I wonder how much of their resurging popularity these days it the "[t]aking advantage of this default behaviour, virus writers and other malicious programmers sometimes use names like notepad.com for their creations."

thanx for the help buddy. i had already gone there. its quite helpful but not new for me. thanx any way.

boss i cant find any name of software by exe2com.
plz if u can than give me a name

boss i cant find any name of software by exe2com.
plz if u can than give me a name

thanx boss its work for me
u r the best boss. u have finished my last prob. i will remembered u forever. my id is [email snipped]

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