Hello All,

I a beginner to vba 6.0 and vb.net programming. I have 6 months to come up with a solution that entails putting up an access database, that i created, onto the web so that hundereds of people can access it at the same time from multiple locations.

Questions :

Is learning vba 6.0 and vb.net goping to help me solve the problem

If so what are the best resources available online to help me achieve my target.



Thats one solution..

I would convert it to a MySQL DB and then use PHP on a webserver to read the data. There are a lot of tutorials on the web, how to read DB with PHP and it's really not that hard if your database isn't too big.


Well, if what you are wanting is to create some sort of data base using Visual Baisc, I would recomend you start learning VB.NET, you can download the new 2008 version off the MSDN website if you havent done alredy.

VB.NET is very different to VB 6.0, so I would just stick to learning VB.NET, also, it is very important you get the MySQL 2005 database, which can be downloaded with VB 2008 express edition. The MySQL database is obviously important for what you need.

From there on, just get started and learn how to write in VB, and I am sure you will make a good system.