We have a scheduled task which runs every 5mins and sends pending email campaign.

The scipt has been written in VB and following is the code which actually sends the mail:
set mailer = createobject("cdo.message")
mailer.subject = this_subject
mailer.from = "name<email address>"
mailer.to = this_to
mailer.htmlbody = this_body
set mailer = nothing
PROBLEM: The process is working fine for most of the email clients, but email body is cutting off for SOME of the clients with domains ending in rr. (road runner) and a few other miscellaneous domains.

Any suggestions or work arounds out there? Anyone else seen this problem with user receiving cut-off or incomplete HTML text emails?

Are you concatenating the domain name into the body of the email ? I can't be sure from your wording.

If you know the email is leaving your SMTP in tact then it may be certain clients firewalls/proxy server policy trimming oversize emails

I know from my own experience with ASP.NET of proxy servers stripping my viewstate due to policy on max webpage sizes to prevent their networks getting to stressed, I guess it's possible for email too.

So basically there's either some dodgy char in the body for certain domains that's causing the email to be truncated (the char is being iterpreted as the end of the string) OR certain domains have policies that damage your inbound mail.

What you need to do is choose a domain you're having probs with, fire of a mail and trap it in your mail server to check it's whole, if it's complete at your end then you know it's the other end stiffing your mail. Otherwise you got a string problem.

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