Hey guys,

I'm to to the whole VB thing...actually new to software coding in general.

I'm trying to build a media center app. I have a form with a FileListBox that will list the movies files located in a specified folder. I'm trying to figure out how to have an image (the dvd cover) load in a PictureBox and a brief description of the movie load in a ListBox when the file is highlighted.

I already have the file set to launch when doubleclicked.

I have the movie files, the images, and the .txt files all in seperate folders:

c:\menu program\movies
c:\menu program\images\movies
c:\menu program\txt\movies

I'm building a seperate and similar form for a TV Shows list as well.

Can someone please show me a code template for changing the image and txt when highlighting the selected movie from the FileListBox?

also, is there a way to hide the file extension in the listbox?

Thank you so much.

and can you please suggest other good VB websites and/or books?

only and idea,

try using a database connection, save the URL of the movieclip when stored,
then do a condition that when, a single mclips has been click, load pic where URL is = 'to the played mclip'

you can refer these four sites (really great and intended to beginner programmers) :-


and from the coding respect give me two days. i'll attach the code here.
till then bye.


Thanks. I'll check it out. I just picked up a few books as well.

Please post some code if you get the time. It's really difficult to find sepecific "how to" things like this in the books. I'm having a hard time finding how to run the files that show up in the listbox. i can get the files to display, but not run.

Thanks again for the help. this is a really great forum.