I am using VisualStudio.net edition for my compiler, and the application is to PocketPC. When I link recive this error.

LNK2019: unresolved external symbol WL_HMAC_SHA1 referenced in function F   c:\Projects\redim\wzcsapi.lib 
fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved external   Windows Mobile 6 Professional SDK

This error in theory is because:

- Calling a function that has not been implemented
- Referencing a variable that has not been declared
- Putting code in new source files but forgetting to add those source files to the build so they don't get compiled and linked
- Calling a function from a third party library but not including the library in the link

But what library do i need to add?

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Look in your program and see where WL_HMAC_SHA1 is used. right click on it and select GoTo Declaration. Hopefully the IDE will bring up the header file in which it is declared.

Make sure you have PocketPC SDK installed and the hardware vendor's SDK.


WL_HMAC_SHA1 is used in wzcsapi.lib, i don't found it in my project.


yes, but i haven't obtained help in these links. Neither I have found anything searching WL_HMAC_SHA1.


This post is very old, but just in case someone else needs an answer to this question, the solution is to include the file cclib.lib to your project libraries.

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