Hi all...
i'm using Visual Studio 6, and i must create an .exe file with a .dll inside and a small database (only read) .txt inside.

How i can do that?

I have try but always the i have 1 exe, 1 dll and 1 txt file, but i want only the exe with other files inside.

Thank you!!!!

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I haven't used VS6 in quite a while now... but you should be able to create an install project... and include your files in that. Then it will be only one .exe file.
I believe that VS6 could do that but am not entirely sure since i have been using VS.NET for a long time now.

Well whats known as a solution in .NET is a project in VB6.

Just INCLUDE the 1st project in the second.. or compile the first exe and ADD THE reosurce. A Dependacy will work fine.

start | programs | Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 | Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Tools | Package & Deployment Wizard

hi thank you very mutch, now i'll try that..............
thank you again

noway to compile a standalone .EXE file.........

i'm trying to use (Package & Deployment Wizard), but i don't understand how "inglobe or include" all file like .txt or .dll file into the exe. :(

Any idea?

What do you mean by INTO an EXE?

Hi, Luxe
you first have to look in the File menu (in VB) and select Make[name of project]. This creates the .exe file. Then open the Package & Deployment wizard. Study it carefully, it's not hard to make a mistake if you haven't used it before. The DLL's it mentions are needed for the program, and should be included. You will have to locate and add any pictures, txt files, dat files etc. that you have created yourself for your project, then it wraps them in a Zip package and adds a Setup program for installation.

i recently wrote a program that can fix ur problem
if u compile ur project into exe and give address of this
file and DLLs and OCXs u used in this project it will bind them
into one exe standalone file that u can run it in every machine
i can send it for u
my email is: mmfatemi@yahoo.com

hi i made a program that can fix ur problem ,it can convert any vb projects to standalone.
but i cant send my program to u cuz i want to sell it. if u like u can send ur vb source code to me(i mean all *.vbp , *.frm and any new componet that u used in ur project and is not from vb standard components ).and i will make it standalone and send it to u.

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