Hello everyone,
I'm doing an assignment on VB.Net about cloning labels. I want to write a program of a form with a label. When the program is being run, the form will load with other 99 new lables which are being cloned. Each of which will have the same properties as the parent labels and there will be altogether 100 lables on the form. I don't know where to start and how to write because I am a new learner. I'll appreciate any help of you.:S

Re: About cloning in VB.Net 80 80

i don't understand what the problem is...
what you want to do with the labels??
if u copied them, that is to be certain they have a same properties with the parent. they just have a different name.

Re: About cloning in VB.Net 80 80

Umm.. I didn't quite understand :D what do you want to do exactly? :D

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