I need to find out what is currently hold in PictureBox.Image property and take action as necessary. I tried various things but can't get it work

Compare it with PictureBox which Image is set to null

PictureBox emptyImg = new PictureBox();
emptyImg.Image = null;

myPictureBox.Image.Equals((Bitmap) emptyImg.Image)

Compare with existing resources

myPictureBox.Image.Equals((Bitmap) Properties.Resources.blue)

Project builds without any errors but once I run form its kicks meaningless errors.

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I have tried that once but with images in the same picturebox is what i comapared and it worked,
but when i did it with 2 images in different picture boxes, as far as i remember the later didn't work for me either

I just got solution from friend


Problem sorted...

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