Hello All:

I made a simple form in VC#, inside it there is textBox I want when I write the value inside this textBox it's must check it with one rows of the table inside dataBase if it's exist it print a message box else exit.....Any one can help ???

Thanks in advance.....

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you can pass a value to select statement like 'select column1 from table where column2 = @varaible' and return it in object if this object is null so it not exists else it exists and using if you can direct your code...



I am converting .Net 1.1 source code to .Net 3.5. The source code is working fine in 1.1 but not in 3.5.

I have an popup.aspx page in which I am using a text box and a calender image. By clicking that calender image, popup with calender should appear and the selected value should be visible in the appropriate texbox. When a value is selected or changed in the textbox then it should call a select query and will get some data from the database. I am using java script to popup a calender. But here when the date is selected or changed it is not going to the img_selectionChanged method in popup.aspx.cs file.

I hope a null value is taking in the textbox.

Please help me..

Thanks in advance.

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