Thank you for your advancing helping.
I do have a problem in how to encode a bank account that has :
1. account number,user name , intial deposit and balance (updatable)
2. that a specific user can see his balance
3. a user can withdraw money
4. a user is deleted when he/she is shifting to other bank.
My instructer obligized me only to encode by using file processing but as you fit with c or c++.
it is better if no longer than three days.

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Sounds like a common project. I doubt that anyone will post a completed project for you. However, if you have a specific question feel free to ask.


First you need to decide on what the file is going to look like -- design the file format. My suggestion is to put everything about one account on a single like with commas separating the individual fields. For example

12000,John Smith,1000000.00,999.99

Now with that you can easily search the file to locate any account number because the account number is the first field in each row. So to locate a specific account you need to read each line, extract the characters up to the first comma, then compare the result string with the account number that you are looking for.

Since the requirements you posted didn't state that you need a function that will add new accounts to the file I suppose you just create a file with some pre-defined data, similar to the row I posted above. That will get you something that you can work with to code the rest of the program. Suggestion: make a copy of the file after you have finished creating it because you will need to restore the file to its original contents often as you write your program.

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