Hi guys, itz my that projectile game in C which used to be in code snippets sections. Well, as u can see no one was able to compile it and as a consequence it's been thrown out of the snippets :rolleyes:

Well, here is the complete program, no codes -- all compiled --- waiting for u to run it. It was my very first program-- hope u like it. Leave some comments plz.


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im sure your a good guy asif_nsu but you have to take into consideration that not alot of people are goin to take an exe from a forum and just run it. call me paraniod but i know i wouldnt :) but if the source is there i would give it a go :)

edit: well i risked it and downloaded it and it is not a virus ;) the game is pretty basic but since im at work i didnt play it more then a second ;) but good work :)


well, u can get the source code in c code snippets "projectile game in C", since not many people were able to compile it I have submitted the complete program. Thanx for ur comments... yea it's basic cos it was my first.

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