Hello everyone,

im not as totall a newbie in C++ but when times come to make a mini project for semester n started to make it , then i assume as im a newbie. (well im in 2nd semester)

I m trying to make a project which clear most logic in c++ that one can use with help of u all ofcourse .. I have some projects in my mind but cant really pick A ONE from it .. Plz help me in this regard 1st :P .. Some projects are

  • Post office management system
  • Hotel Management System
  • Banking System
  • Job placement ( but dont know wht in it ) :P

I just want to select best to clear my all sort of logic in c++ .. like loops,func,arrays,linklist,classes,template(logic is not cleared),algorithms( like buble,insertion,selection) n filings ..

plz help me in this regards,
a Confused C++ user,

Make a banking system. Its a straight forward concept that could utilize all of those forms of logic in some way.

Loops -
while sentinel loops (looking for proper input)
for loops for compounding interest

Functions -
Just keep down the clutter in main() and this should be done for you...

Arrays -
Use with classes and linked lists to keep records of all the clients. Structs and Unions could shine here.

Templates - ? not familiar with this concept

Algorithms -
simple algorithms like bubble sorts could be used to sort various things (alphabetical order client names, ascending/descending balances, etc...)

binary search algorithms could be implemented to quickly find a particular balance/balance range with a large number of client data.

Although...it seems like you could probably implement those basic concepts into any of those programs :P .

Thnxz 4 ur advice skatamatic ...

u dont know abt templates :( .. like function template or class template ??

n wht abt making files ( to save data when using program ) ..

need advice ... advice is open 4 all :P ...

>>n wht abt making files ( to save data when using program ) ..
Yup -- your program will need to do that too. You have to design what the file contents look like then write them according to your design.

All of the client data should be saved to a file. This can be most easily accomplished with a struct binary write. Perhaps you could enlighten me with what templates are/do. :D

Thanx 4 the template link A.Dragon..

Ok i hav made ma mind for Bank Management system (mini) project .. so wht steps should i follow to make a project ... as ma Finals will starts from 25 April 2008 :~ i hav to speed my doings up ...
So help mates !!!

What do you mean by the steps you should follow? Start with all of your functions, then link them together in main. There's no in-stone steps to follow for a project like this :P .