hello. i have a question. i am quite new to visual c++ programming, and i was wondering how can i use glut in a mfc appwizard profect, and not only in a win32 application. for example i need to draw a sphere and i would like to use the single document interface project in visual c++. can this be done ? i only found examples on a glut sphere in win32. :(

to use glut wih visual studio, all you need to do is put the glut files in places where visual studio / windows loader will look for them.
glut32.dll in <windows home>/system or in a directory in your PATH
glut32.lib in one of the visual studio include directories
glut.h in one of the visual studio libraries directories

because glut is designed to be window system independent (it makes its own windows), it is better to use glut in a console application than in a native win32 or mfc application.

to use glut with mfc see: http://www.kencocomputers.com/tutorials/