Hello, thank you for taking a look at this thread. I've been using the C++ language for almost two years now, although my knowledge doesn't amount to much due to the fact that my teacher is a complete moron, hence the reason I'm here, trying to strike out on my own. That was irrelevant, but ah, whatever.

Currently, I am writing a trivia "bot" although, it will be more of a game than anything. I have the "bot" part of it written and working, but what I am wondering, is if it is possible to upload the file that my scores, name, ect.. are written to, to a web-server, or some type of storage device unto which I can display the top 10 scores, names, ect? I don't want someone to just give me the code, seeing as I am trying to actually learn how to do it, so if you could maybe toss a resource or something along those lines my way, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, yes I realize I must use an internet language to display the scores, I've already got that part under control, I just find it rather pointless when I have to include in the comment, my website, so people can upload their scores. One of the other reasons I think this method would be more efficient is so people cannot then just modify there score, and lie about it. I appreciate any and all responses, thank you for your time.

Write scores to a temp file then use wput (wput itself or something you do yourself using its source code) to copy the temp file to your web server. Then make a .shtml to display the scores to users.

I have no idea what wput is, but I will google it and search these forums to see if I can find what it is.