Hi all,

Can I protect my exe file not to copy from one PC to another? I think it can be done, but I don't know how to do this.
Could anyone please give me some guide lines?

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the most secured way to solve your problem is to find the hard disk serial no. of the pc where you wish to install your application only. When starting the program get the HDD serial no and compare it with serialno. of the pc where you wish to solely install it. if it matches then run the program else throw a msg to end-user. this is the most secured way because the serial no. of the Hard disk is unchangeable even after formatting.

i have attached sample snippet. there you will find some code on how to find the slno. of ur hdd. just put a command button on the form for testing and copy the code inside it.

hope this will give you some guidelins.


just use registry as much as you can, ideally into many branches :-)))))))

just use registry as much as you can, ideally into many branches :-)))))))

i like this..use registry.

Hi Jx & VIeditorlover,

Both of you told me to check with the register. What's the difference in choudhuryshouvi's way?
I have some problems for using register because I am not so familiar with the system level. If so, can you give me the guide line how to understand it?

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zawpai my frnd,
you are right. playing with windows registry without proper caution can cause harmful damages to your system. apart from this, the registry is a local repository which differs from machine to machine and to play with registry you need to code more security. on the other hand, finding slno. of a hdd is not so complex and it is more secure.

but what jx_man and vleditorlover said can be applicable also. look man we r all here to give you suggestion. now what else you will do it completely depends upto you.

if u didn't have experience with registry, i think to use shouvik suggestion. any failure when you create/delete key will make your system unstable.

Hi all,

Thanks a lot for giving some suggestion. I will choose and use one which is suitable for me.

Best Regards,

You could use software protection software like AuthGuru by bastion infotech www.bastioninfotech.com .It also encrypts the code so it makes it quite secure.

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