Need HELP! This Program that accesses a data base will not print out information from Data Base.I think the Problem is in the SELECT statement.The Primary Key is ID1, I want to Access Primary Key 2, Field Father but when I run it, it will only print out Quote: " 0: Colums 0"end Quote. The Select Statement is SQL, NEED HELP!

Here is the CODE:

#include <windows.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <conio.h>
#include <iostream.h>
#include <tchar.h>
#include "ODBCWrapper.cpp"
//make sure you include the namespace
using namespace ODBC;

int main(void) {
  MDBConnection link;
  if(link.Connect("C:\\Documents and Settings\\Chester Mayle\\My Documents\\My Data Sources\\db1.mdb")) {
    ODBCStmt Stmt(link);
    SQLExecDirect(Stmt, (SQLTCHAR *) _T("USE Foo"), SQL_NTS);
    int pos = 1;
    TCHAR strQuery[256] = _T("SELECT WHERE ID1=2,Father* FROM \"DD Data Base\"");
    int nRet = Stmt.Query(strQuery);
    printf("%5d:\tColumns\t%d\r\n\r\n", Stmt.GetColumnCount(), 0);
    while(Stmt.Fetch()) {
      ODBCRecord rec(Stmt);
      printf("Row %5d\r\n", pos);
      INT i = 0;
      while(i < Stmt.GetColumnCount()) {
        TCHAR Desc[512] = _T("");
        SQLINTEGER cbDesc = 0;
        rec.GetData(i + 1, Desc, sizeof(Desc), & cbDesc);
        TCHAR Name[256] = _T("");
        rec.GetColumnName(i + 1, Name, sizeof(Name));
        printf("\t%15s\t\\>\t%25s\r\n", Name, Desc);
  else {
    printf("Connection failed.");
  return 0;

the problem is the string strQuery.
The correct form of a SELECTION QUERY is
select [* or any field of the table] from [name_of_table] where filed1 = 'any number or any string';

for example if I want to view all the name and the age of the table people that have age>18:
SELECT name,age FROM people where age>18;

In access the name of the table strated with [ and ended with ] so the query become:
SELECT name,age FROM [people] where age>18;

I think it help you. bye