I am developing an app on XP which uses a 3rd party ocx > imageviewer2.ocx

In development it works fine but program does not run when insatlled on a vista machine

I presume it is because the ocx is not registered

I can register it with regsvr32 in xp but not vista

with vista I get a message error 0x80040200

How do I set a property somewhere in the net build environment which creates the installer package which will automatically register the ocx in vista?
(and presumably on another xp machine if installed there)

the vendor has pointed me to inno using a setup script but I have no knowledge of how this is applied

Any help most appreciated


The first thing I have to tell you is to consult the VB migration guide and make sure the control you are using is still supported with Vista. There is a list of controls that are still supported, and a list that are not. I've already changed applications to drop one control in favor of another because of obsolete controls.

Notwithstanding, I've spent most of the last 7 days trying to get a working install script, created with Wise Installation Express for Windows, to no avail. Each attempt and new variation of the install script left me with an OCX that wasn't properly registered. The solution is sickening.

After you run your install script, go in with Regsvr32 and UNregister the OCS, then immediately Register it again. My application worked fine with this ugly solution. As for Vista and "It Just Works" ... I'd really like to have a few heads at Microsoft for wasting so much of my time on this.

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