I am new in java swing and I created a frame... i checked the documentation API and it has this "setSize()" method.. so yeah i did set the size of my frame but everytime i run the program, it is not on the size that i have specified

public static void main(String[] args)
		CalculatorBody calculator = new CalculatorBody();
		calculator.setTitle("Calculator Body");
		calculator.setLocation(400, 250);

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Check the docs again, they also say there's no guarantee the size will take effect.

I find that setPreferredSize tends to work more often than setSize although as jwentig has mentioned it is not guaranteed. A subsequent call to pack(), validate() or invalidate() often overrides any previous call to setting the size anyway.

this may be irrelevant bcause i know a frame must appear with definite size but still i want to ask... does java allow the size of the frame to be entered by the user through a keyboard? example i will enter 100 for the width and 200 for the height then a frame will appear following the entered size.. if so how will i do it? when i tried doing it still the size is 0... sorry if this may sound stupid for all you experts out there... but please answer...

Then please ask your question in a separate thread. Yes it is possible and yes I know how to do it, but I just won't answer if you hijack 2 year old threads.

this will fit to screen


this will set the size of the window


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