Well guys and gals,

I am the beginner at this that is talked about when signing up in these forums. Looking for a good direction to get a grasp on C++. Always been very interested in programming and learning the different languages and would mind being fluent in the other languages if you will.

Any advice is very much appreciated and thank you very much,


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You can start by reading some of the Read Me threads at the top of this forum. They contain a wealth of information about books to buy and etc.

Will do thanks... Thought those links were bought advertisement that would leave me alone after I click on them... Very paranoid about clicking on this and that in sites but I would imagine if any website is on locked down without crap getting in and out, this would be one of them...

Thanks I will get to reading...

Those Read Me threads are NOT advertisements or spam. We try to keep as much spam and other crap out of DaniWeb as quickly as possible.

Sounds good thanks...

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