Hey everyone, I'm a brand new member who is desperately trying to pass a class in VB.Net. My problem is that I need to create a program that allows the user to select a name from a ComboBox, this selection will trigger an image change in a PictureBox. I've set up an array for the ComboBox, but I'm having difficulty creating one for a PictureBox. If anyone could please try to offer a suggestion it would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm confused as to the need for another array. If you have an array of names that you used to populate the combobox, just tack on a field that has the name of the image you want displayed in the picturebox, then use a picturebox.Load to perform the function. Am I missing something?


Sorry for any confusion that I may have caused. Luckily I figured out what I needed to do. I misunderstood in class...I didn't need an array of picturebox controls, but rather an array of strings with my jpg file names, so that selecting an item in the combobox would access the array of file names.

Thanks for the patience, I'm learning slowly but surely.

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