Hi. I'm a final year student of Computing.. I've chosen "A network intrusion detection system" as my final year project. Currently I'm doing research on it. I have some some knowledge on my chosen project. I need help from you guys, that would it be the wise choice to choose C# as my programming language?.. I'm asking it because I am not advanced in C#. Experts are welcome to suggest on particular topic.. Finally thanks to you all whoever is willing to help or suggest me..

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hi bhedexlaman..
i'm also choose this project for my final year project.. hope we can keep in touch and help each other to develop the ids.. where u from?


hey im new in this site ..now im doing my final year project for computer engineering..and i choosed my project in Intrusion Detection System in C#....so as searching i found u guyz, seems u guyz have already did this project, so as a junior i request u two to help me for my project...plz suggest me about it like how to begin it with or any responces .....

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Hi me also am starting my final project on a network intrusion detection system and i am planning to use C#. I'll be very happy if there was any help from you guys


Hi all, i really happy when find out this topic
i am planing to build a IDS system in c or c#
can you help me?

thanks a lot!

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