may any one suggest some sample code how to store the video file frame data into arrays by programming in C....

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What's your C experience? The way you ask the question suggests that this might be awfully difficult for you as a first project.


can u also explain how can ffmpeg be related to C?

FFmpeg is a project for working with multimedia data; it includes several C libraries you can use in your own applications.


can u please detail me how to proceed...

...leads me to agree with this statement:

The way you ask the question suggests that this might be awfully difficult for you

Go read some of the FFmpeg documentation or tutorials... if you're still lost, that's a good sign that you're probably not ready to tackle this quite yet.

If a general-purpose multimedia library is overkill for your purposes, there might be a simpler approach we could help with. Is this a specific project and/or video format you're working on, or is this just a general question?


Thanks for your support...
This is my first project to code a scene change detection algorithm in C...and I have no idea about storing of the frames....


hi gusano
I am unable to compile the code of ffmpeg on my system(window 7 hp os)...can u suggest me another alternative..


From which directory are you trying to run FFmpeg? Did you follow step 5 in the how-to, "Edit the Windows System PATH"?


I have created a directory in C:\FFmpeg and trying to run it...I also have changed the path variable.


Hi friends
I need to submit my project on "scene change detection with C" in a week.So I would like to have ur help
regarding any ideas or sample code or any suggestions to implement ffmpeg.....please help me
thanks in advance

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