:confused: I am doing a project and i need to be able to add, record, search and delete customer bookings. I am using VB.Net 2003 and microsoft access 2003 and i need help on how to do this. Can anybody help me?? PLEASE?!?!

Basically i need the information that is entered in VB.Net to be stored in an access database e.g. name, tel no, date, time, table no, etc and search for the customer as well. i hope that makes sense.:confused:

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hi. sorry. erm iv got this so far (if it makes any sens) but i think it is totally wrong and i really duno where to go from here. iv tried a million books and got no help from them!!

Dim dbE As New DAO.DBEngine
Dim db As DAO.Database
Dim rs As DAO.Recordset

db = dbE.OpenDatabase(Trim(TextBox1.Text))

rs = db.OpenRecordset("UPDATE Bookings (Name, TelNo, Date, Time, How many people?, Deposit paid?, TableNo) VALUE ("")" + Trim(Txtname.Text) + "'")

If (rs.Fields("Name").Value) = Trim(Txtname.Text) Then

Dim Name, TelNo, Date1, Time, Howmanypeople, Depositpaid, TableNo As String
Name = rs.Fields("Name").Value
TelNo = rs.Fields("TelNo").Value
Date1 = rs.Fields("Date").Value
Time = rs.Fields("Time").Value
Howmanypeople = rs.Fields("How many people?").Value
Depositpaid = rs.Fields("Deposit paid?").Value
TableNo = rs.Fields("TableNo").Value
End If
End Try


I had the same problem as you a few months ago. Try the webiste www.homeandlearn.co.uk
this goes through what yo need to do step by step

Thanks. I'll take a look.

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