A tool is run just by the command "adutool" from anypath inside the same server.
This command will execute the script in the folder "/myfolder/bin/adutool" on the same server.
Since "/myfolder/bin/" is setenv'd in the PATH env variable, it runs the tool.

Now my question..
Is there anyway of finding the path, "/myfolder/bin/" by some other user who just give the command "adutool" and able to run the tool, other than checking his PATH environment variable. Are there any commands for this? (Like "whoami" gives the userid, any command for this?)

Since I'm new to unix, please help me on this.


Hey there,

Assuming permissions are lax enough, any user can user "find" or "locate" (on Linux) if they know the name of the tool.

Otherwise, all the commands, like "which" and "whence," etc, rely on your environment path variable.

Hope that helps :)

, Mike