i want to playing mp3 file with vb.net.
how can i do this?


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use Microsoft Multimedia Control. find this control on component.
add this code to play mp3 file :

On Error GoTo ErrMsg
AxMMControl1.Wait = True
AxMMControl1.FileName = OpenFileDialog1.FileName
AxMMControl1.Command = "Open"
AxMMControl1.Command = "Play"
Exit Sub
End Sub
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loved this...
thank for your help Jx_man
Really great code.

you're Welcome friend :)
Happy Coding.

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I don't know if anyone looks at an old thread, but I have a question for this. I used the multimedia control, and it worked great. But when installing my project, it did not work on all computers. (When trying to run it on some computers, it said, there was a problem, and it shut down the program) What could be the reason for this? Do you need anything installed on the computer to use this?

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