Hey frnds, i have faced the interview question--

Suppose time is 11:00, What is the degree at this particular time???
Suppose time is 3:00, What is the degree at this particular time???

I have clue abt this question,plz reply.

Degree of what?
- the hour hand on an analogue clock
- the minute hand perhaps (though that's an easy answer)
- the height of the sun above the horizon (harder, depends on the date and your location).

sounds like those stupid interview questions hipsters at places like Microsoft think its cool to ask


anyhow, my first thought was temperature.

but i like the height of the sun better.

Hey I dont know even what they are asking.this stupid Question is asked in CresTech Infotech Pvt Ltd.
Give me any answer frnd,but with the explanation.

the answer is:

IF they are asking crazy ambiguous questions like this, AND you don't have the slightest clue as to how to reasonably answer it, THEN this is not a place you want to work.

you should put that down as your answer.

Fo' Serious.

Perhaps they're waiting for people who have the sense to ask for clarification when confronted with ambiguous requirements.

Real world programming is far removed from the well-defined and narrow requirements which typify student assignments. Vagueness, incompleteness and contradiction are common place in the requirements in the commercial world.