int Seats::AddEntry()
	std::cout << "Please enter your desired seat position";
	std::cout << endl;
	std::cin >> position;

	ofstream SaveFile("Traveler.txt",ios::in);
	SaveFile << "Your Seat postion is...:";
	SaveFile << endl;
	SaveFile >> position;
	return 0;

This is just a snippit of my code...This function is one of 3 member functions that when I compile an error statement comes up for all 3 that:

'Seats::ViewEntry' : local function definitions are illegal
this line contains a '{' which has not yet been matched

Please can you help me find the error...I figured if all three had the same error then maybe fixing one would help me to fix the others

The problem is in some code before those functions. Most likely you forgot the function's closing brace }. That makes the compiler think that the next function is being nested inside the previous function. Count the braces and make sure there is a } for every {.

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