Hello there. which compiler would you recommend out of these

1. bloodshed dev c++
2. Visual c++ express edition
3. code: blocks studio

one more question whats the .net framework?

The .NET framework is a set of libraries that Microsoft provides for developers. It's similar to the Java libraries in that it essentially requires a host environment to be installed before you can use applications written with it (e.g. you need to have .NET framework installed to run .NET apps ~ you need JVM to run Java apps).

As to compilers, try them each out and decide which you like better. Or if you're comfortable with your first pick, just use that. Everyone'll have their own preference. I prefer VC++ (I have the full version though), but I've not even tried the others. ;)

dont use VC++ Express. By default it can only make .NET apps, not proper win32 apps. To make "classic" c++ apps you need to install and configure it to use somethig called the platform SDK which is a pain in the ass

Use dev c++ instead.

yeah thanks jbennet and Infarction thats why i asked that question. So if i wrote a programme in VC++ express the user of the programme will have to have the .net environment installed?

yes it means they must have .NET 2.0 which limits your potential user base to those running Vista, XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003 SP1

Its easier to use dev c++ as more examples from books and the net wil compile "out of the box" on it than on c++ express

What jbennet said. VC++ tends to make up its own standard.

I hate the idea of mixing c++.net. c# is my preferred choice when using dotnet.