I am new to j2me. I want to add more than one image into a form and display those images as thumbnails, so that when i click any one of the thumbnail i should get the full view of the image. Can anybody help me regarding this issue?

hi samudricka,

Thanks for the help. I have already visited the website what you suggested, there it displays the different ways and methods of displaying an image. What i am trying to do is not that. I will explain it in brief. I have some pictures in a folder,the size of the images are for eg.. say 640x480. So what i have to do is i have to convert all these images into thumbnails and display on the form and when i select a image from that form and click the button Ok or something else, the image should be displayed in its original size. I have done the rest , the place where i am stuck is i don't know how to select a particular image and display it. Because you don't have any methods like select index() or something like that for an image. Can you help me in solving this.


so visit this url so you can get some tips for your work