Background : This is a quote system that i am trying to improve! Currently i have a Mircrosoft excel database set up that collects all the quote information.

My problem: How can i save to a specific point in an excel spreadsheet (for example save directly to c7 without ruining any other data in the spreadsheet), currently it just starts at the beggining of the file and adds to the end. The File i would be saving to is already set up with formulas to calculate the VAT and Totals, etc, and this is how my boss wants each quote to be stored (each one separately in an excel spreadsheet, using a template that is just overwritten each time).

Also i would like to save my spreadsheet under a different name each time, i.e quote ID and Customers name (678 Mr Green), Which i have no idea how to do, obviously i will create a string that stores both the name and ID together, but how do I set that as the file name?

Thanks for any help :)

sorry i just noticed i said it was an excel database... i meant Access ... sorry :)

and also i have worked out how to save it under a different name! so its just the first problem i haven't managed to do yet.