Anyone can guide me or send me links, or whatever helpful with the following project? Thank you

Materialise in symbolic language (assembly- MIPS) and execute in the SPIM, a program that would process unsigned

integer numbers of 64 bit. Each moment the program maintains stored the two unsigned integer (64 bit) Sum and Last

in the registered pairs ($s0>, $s1)=Sum and ($s2>, $s3)=Last ($s0 and $s2 store the higher 32 bit and $s1 and $s3

the lower 32 bit of Sum and Last respectively).

The Sum keeps the sum of numbers that has been added up to the given moment (initial price of Sum=0) and the Last

keeps the last number of 64 bit that has been given by the user.

The program should contain the following routines - subprograms:
<> read64 - Reading by the console of unsigned entire number and his storage in the pair of register price ($v0,

$v1). The reading by the console should become with string reading which then be changed in number of 64 bit and be

stored in the pair ($v0, $v1). Does all the controls of error (negative number - number that does not fit in 64 bit

- import of character that is not numerical digit).

<> print64 - Printing in the console of content of the 64 bit number that is found in the pair of registers $a0,


<> accumulate64 - Addition of 64 bit numbers that find in the pairs ($a0, $a1) and ($a2, $a3) and storage of sum in

the pair ($v0, $v1) - in case of overflow the program print out message of error and are terminated. The user can

ask via one of simple menu of choices (you materialise as you wish) is executed one of following operations what

naturally will use the routines:
import of new unsigned number of 64 bit and storage in the Last .
printing of Last or Sum accumulation (accumulation) .the last valid Last that imported the user in the Sum .
finish the program .
You've posted your assignment, but nothing of what you've achieved so far.
Even if you think you're completely stuck, look back at previous assignments and course notes. At the very least, begin with something to use the provided functions to read an int, then just print it out again.

ok my friend. thank you

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