Does anybody out there know of any VB.Net tutorials regarding pulling and adding records out of a sql database?

I am trying to figure this out on my own, but I just need an example program to show me how to do it.

I have figured out how to connect the database, but I am still trying to figure out how to pull information into editable fields. Then also how to save the information once it has changed.

I am using sql server express 2005 and Visual Studio 2005.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I tried to figure out the code shown in those two links, but I am new to the whole interacting with SQL databases.

I have figured out how to use the table adapters and how to pull up the information, but I still cannot figure out the statements required to update any changes to the database. Does anybody know how to do it using the database adapters?

I understand that this is easy for most of you, but I cannot wrap my head around it.

Also, if anyone can suggest some books or sites on building sql databases or writing sql queries I would like to gather all of the info I can on the subject.

Again thank you for any help you can provide.

you just make database which table is Id, FirstName, LastName and age like what i description in that snippet and you just copied that code.
there are none configuration or something using adapter control.

'a database with 4 column (Id[primary key],FirstName,LastName,Age)
'3 button (cmdSave,cmdEdit,cmdDelete)
'4 text box (txtId,txtFirstName,txtLastName,txtAge).
'1 datagrid (named dgStudent)

I have gotten your code to work, but I have a another question. Is it possible to make changes directly to the data grid view and have the changes be saved?

yes, it possible to change directly. but i never tried it before.
you can use searching tool in this forum and search for similiar thread, there are many thread to change directly to the dg view.

Do you know how to do these functions not using a Datagrid? Just using textboxes?

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