#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <string>
using namespace std;
void writeArray();
void readArray();
const int capacity = 4;
//const int spec = 4;
double numbers[]={12456.89,234.00,3456.78,21212.50};

//string A12345;
//string A45678;
//string B21223;
//string B21435;
string names[]={"A12345","A45678","B21223","B21435"};

int main()


void readArray()

ifstream infile;

infile.open ("accounts.txt");

infile >>  numbers[capacity];

infile >>  names[capacity];

cout   << names[0] << endl; 
cout   << numbers[0] << endl;

cout   << names[1] << endl; 
cout   << numbers[1] << endl;

cout   << names[2] << endl; 
cout   << numbers[2] << endl;

cout   << names[3] << endl; 
cout   << numbers[3] << endl;



void writeArray()

ofstream outfile;


outfile << numbers[capacity];

outfile << names[capacity];



Can some1 please help, i can't figure what went wrong with my program!! I think it has something to do with string names array but don't know how to fix it!!

> infile >> numbers[capacity];
This doesn't fill the array for you, you have to do that yourself with a loop.
All this does it trash beyond the end of the array.

yes, if you know the number of items in the file, try using a 'for' loop, if not, try a while loop. either way, the read command you used will not fill the array properly.

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