Pls i want to generate two report from my database one for duplicate of record based on thumbprint the other for original thumbprint using VB6 and sql server.I need the code.I will appreciate your help.

i mean i want to track duplicate of thumbprint in one table and distinct of thumbprint in another table

i really don't understand your question...

you're primary key is an image thumbprint??

and you're gonna search for any duplicate thumbprint at a diffrent table.. matching the primary thumbprint ??

is this how you meant it..??

i want to query a table for duplicate of fingerprint fieldname and store the result in another table

i want to query a table for duplicate of fingerprint fieldname and store the result in another table

ok i still don't get it.. this is why this post doesn't have too many replies...

i'm rephrasing it..

you want to search a table with a fieldname fingerprint which has duplicates? and then store the duplicates in a new table...

for example: where A and B are tables....

these are the duplicates ------> move to here  B.fingerprint1

is this how should it look like???

please take time to explain on the thing that you want to achieve... and whats the use of this huge space...


Not sure, how you are storing FingerPrint...

but this is the query tp get Duplicate Records.. Modify the way you want..
Say, you are searching for duplicate of
MyCol field in Myable..

Check this query:

Select MyCol , Count(*) From MyTable Group By MyCol Having Count(*) >1


Yes you got the analysis right.But the challenge is the fingerprint is stored in image datatype(binary).sql server.

so pls help me with the vb6 code to achieve this.
Just from your analysis the table A is where the all the record are stored while table B will be storing duplicate entry of such fingerprint.

Hope u understand now.Thanks and God bless

I want to query the original table using fingerprint fieldname and this fingerprint is stored in images in the database.So i will compare the first fingerprint in the database to other fingerprint and stored duplicate in another table say table b.Then later query table b to see all duplicate of fingerprint

so the issue here is your primary key an image??

so do you have any idea or know how to match images?? cause if you don't then this will not be possible..

unless you have a format that will identify a field unique..

but as for the query.. i think it has been answered... by queen...

kindly post what you have tried so far .