Hi everyone! is there anyone has an idea on how to incorporate the biometrics scanner (time in/time out) with visual basic. For example, what would I need (devices, component, software, etc.etc..) such that I can manipulate the data in the biometrics device with visual basic programming and ms access as database.. pls help me on how to do this, or any suggestions. Thank you. Your response will be very much appreciated…

Biometrics, covers a lot of territory from thumbprint scanners, hand scanners, facial recognition, iris recognition, retina recognition, voice recognition...

Just what kind of biometric scanner are you talking about? Who makes it? Do they have a developers corner or some such on their website? Is their policy their program or no program?

Or are you looking for such equipment and have nowhere to start?

If so, use google/yahoo and search on biometrics.

Good Luck

the one i am referring to is thumb print scanner.. what would i need to manipulate the data.. have no any idea about this.. thanks

Connect the scanner to your PC via a serial cable , keep on reading serial port and do some pattern matching ,etc .

Actually some Biometric hardware allows you to access the the data from the scanning device directly without needing to write one line of code (like a barcode reader) but others need you to add in a reference to their activex while others have no interface for the programmer. Before you even buy a thumbprint scanner, do a search on google/yahoo and check out the options and manufacture's website.

Good Luck

thank you for the responses. we already have the thumbprint scanner here in the office, and it is used already. i am new employee and they thought i can program the data, but actually i am new when it comes to programming work experience, yet no idea on the thumbprint scanner. i think it will take time to accomplish what they want me to do especially i am new here. anyone can give some steps for me as guide. from 1st step to the last. i am good in visual basic and ms access database, but not professional in programming.. im just in the middle of the program exploration...

we already have the thumbprint scanner

Ok. (1) Who is the manufacturer, and (2) what is the model number.

We should be able to help you from there.

If not, do you have the manual? If all else fails, read the manual.

ok, thanks.. after that? could you give me sample outline for me as guide, then i'll do research for the rest.. thanks

ok, thanks.. after that? could you give me sample outline for me as guide,

Yes, that's not a problem. But don't hold your breath. But we still could use a manufacturer and Serial Number. Anyone can look on the internet and download the PDF manual from the manufacturer.

Sometimes, you have to call the manufacturer yourself and he will send you a link with that info. Some manufacturers require you to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

But usually they give you an ActiveX control with the necessary documentation.

Or at least they will give you some sort of documentation that details how the data is sent. And what that data means. That's what VB5 means when he says they provide no interface. You might have to write your own ActiveX control.

you mean i won't be able to do what they are referring to? is it possible to program it by using visual basic? i got the user manual. but where do i start? hayy.. how i wish im a professional.. but i want to learn.

ok, thanks.. after that? could you give me sample outline for me as guide,

Manufacturer, Model Number.

is it possible to program it by using visual basic?

Coudn't really tell you without the manufacturer, model number. But just about anything is possilbe with VB6.

but i want to learn.

I just want the model number and manufacturer's name.:@

ah ok... here is the manufacturer. MySolutions Inc, model: T4 Classic.
MySolutions Fingerprint Time Recorder System, Touchlink.
thank you very much for time and responses..

Go to this link and click on the Inquire Now button, fill out the information.

Request an SDK, an ActiveX control, or a link to a PDF for the manual that we can get our hands on.

ok, thank you.. i'll update you soon...

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