Hi everyone,

I'm having some trouble with my computer lately. When my computer boots, i want a lot of programs to load, half of them normally makes a tray icon, but my computer is so slow, the tray icons won't be created.
So I've found a way to work around this problem, by making each program start one after another myself, in stead of letting windows take care of it.
But to do so I've only disabled the programs which were located in the start\all programs\startup folder.
Now everything works fine except for one program, which is NOD 32.
This program starts as a service and is then hidden (the gui isn't showed).
For the tray icon to show, i only need it to restore the gui and then hide it again.
I'd like to do it in my program, which I created anyway (for the rest of the startup programs)
So in order to make it work I need to find the handle of NOD32.
But FindWindow() won't get my handle. Is there anyone who knows the handle to nod32kui.exe or how to get it?


HWND nod = FindWindow(NULL, "nod32kui.exe");
 ShowWindow(nod, SW_RESTORE);
 ShowWindow(nod, SW_HIDE);

Keep a diary of which programs you actually use in any session.
Then delete all the crap from your startup which you don't consistently use in every session.