Hello everyone,
I am completely new to this website and happened to have come across this while browsing.

I am stuck up in my project and just need some help.

I am developing a system for my client which is a non-profit organization htat run local trains in our area.

I am builiding a system that will help this organizations consumers travel with minimal hassel by making all information available viz a mobile phone.

My system will do the following:

The customer enter their starting point and end point, which needs processing to display the train nmber to board to reach their end point.

Also provide a graphical route that the train will take to reach the end point.

The organization also provides electricity in certain areas so consumers of that area can check their electiricty bill and units consumed.

The main problem is that i ma confused as to what platform to use WML or J2ME.

Also can WML be connected to my backend that is MySQL or Oracle.

Can i build dynamic pages in WML and handle event processing like taking user input of their start point and end point.(Is event processing a part of WML).

Please help me. Thank You

Abigail Venturi.

You cannot use WML, it is just another language like html, you have to use J2ME, But you have got a tough project assignment .

Hello ithelp,
Thank you so much for your help.

I have no ther option then to use J2ME. For this i am planning to use MIDlet which will take input from my client which by HTTP protocol will be given to the JSP which in turn will communicate with JDBC and hence to my DB.

It seems pretty lengthy.....do you have a shorter solution???

Please help.

Also there is a website that give information aboute the organization....they have their own website via a third party....is there any way by which i can connect directly to their websaite server and access the inforamtion and then throw it back on the cell phone????

Please help me. Thank You.

Abigail Venturi.