Hi All,

I want to develop search engine for torrent search from variuos sites.

I seen many search engine on web e.g torrent-finder,torrent harvester . which can seach fortorrent file which matches with given keyword .These sites search for torrent file from many sites.
I want to developed program same like this for my windows application but i dont have any idea from where i can start for this.I have some quieries regarding this as below,

1) I think i can do it by using web services of these webs but i dont think i can get these without pay.Is it right ?
2 ) Please suggest the way for doing this application.
3) Is there need to contact or take permission of web sites from where we are going to search for torrent files.
4) I dont know from where i should start for this application.Please any one have idea about this.
5)Any one having code with c# which is helpful to me ?


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It's been 3 years since the original poster asked this question, I doubt they are just waiting for you to respond. This is also the only post they have made and they haven't been back since.


I am currently working on a similar kind of application (developing using C#) and I need help...

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