I'm trying to build a windows app with multiple forms. in project explorer i'm right clicking the current project, add->add existing item. then I select a form, but now the project won't build. I get these errors:

'Form1' is ambiguous in the namespace 'WindowsApplication1'.

'Sub Main' was not found in 'WindowsApplication1.Form1'.

Resources 'Form1.resx' and 'MathCalculator.resx' have the same manifest resource name 'WindowsApplication1.Form1.resources'.

am I not adding forms to my project correctly?

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Your problem is that the form you are adding is named "Form1" and you already have a form named "Form1".

Change the class definition for one of the forums to "Form2" or anything else you would like.

To open a form from a button on another form, this is the code:

'Assuming that the form you want to call is named Form2
Dim a as new Form2

I'm pretty sure the above is right.. I'm spending to much time on ASP.NET Development, and C# Windows Form development ::blushes::


what is strange is I have renamed the forms in solution explorer, but when i go back to the code window it still says 'form1'. so basically if I want to call form 'a' from form 'b', I just add form 'a' to form 'b' and use the show method?

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