im an intern student and my task is to make a popup message every 30 minutes to remind my boss about his task its like an alrm clock so i look on to the net and ive downloaded a file called PopupMessage Form and I want it to run it by a .exe file how can i run it? do i need to use a converter? inside of folder there are 4 files which one i can use the Form1(frm File)?, frmIBMessage (frm file also), MSSCCPRJ(scc file) or PopupMessageForm (vbp file)... need help

thx and advance.

looks like this project created in vb6, right?
If in vb 6 :
go to File-> Make ProjectName.exe
It will appear in project folder.
If in, exe file already created by compiler when u first debug project.
To get .exe FileGo to Project Folder/Bin/, you can found exe file there.

Microsoft outlook.

I've encountered error on the page thats why it post double thread... thx for the reply sir... i just downloaded that vb file on

i dont have so i just want to know how to run this in .exe or rather how to convert it in .exe using a converter or something... thanks jx_man

You don't needed converter to make your project in exe file cause vb already have it. Like i said in previous post, on your vb project, go to File -> Make ProjectName.exe.. after make exe file you can found it in your vb project folder.
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Can you convert it for me to .exe file? heres the file plzz help me i dont have a vb .net in my pc many thx.

Your uploaded file is not project but vb6 project. i was converted this project into exe file using vb6.

commented: so your job now is converter project to exe? :D +1

now its working Hands down for u sir many thx...

you're welcome my friend :)

sir can you convert this file too... my task is make a vb.exe that reminds my boss every 30 minutes, i can program but i dont have a vb so im just looking for the net i think this is the one im looking 4. many thx.

Im sorry sir for disturbing you but im begging you i need your help... i found another vb file plzz convert it to .exe for me... thx

there is the file

sir also in the first page the "super calendar" many thx 2 you sir jx-man


Thank you so Much Sir Jx-Man for your time for helping me to convert it to .exe files thank you so much a handsdown for you sir... hoping you help me next time ill post a thread... thx again sir now it is solved.

Any time friend :)

open a form when will press F2 key on DataGridViewComboBoxColumn
Try following codes:

Private Sub Datagridview1 _KeyDown(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.KeyEventArgs) Handles dgv1.KeyDown
Dim other As New others
If e.KeyCode = Keys.F2 Then
If Datagridview1.CurrentCell.OwningColumn.Name = "DataGridViewComboBoxColumn Name" Then
other.MdiParent = MDIParent1
other.frmwhich = "purchase"
End If
End If
End Sub

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