I think i need some idea on this....where mac() is a dynamic array, so instead i use UBound to get its number of elements. However, i need the number of charts equal to the size of the array, so i think to use the code shown below:

B = UBound(mac) + 1
        For G = 0 To B
            chart(0) = Chart1
            chart(1) = Chart2
            chart(2) = Chart3
            chart(3) = Chart4
            chart(4) = Chart5
            chart(5) = Chart6
            chart(6) = Chart7
            chart(7) = Chart8
            chart(8) = Chart9
            chart(9) = Chart10

However, array chart() can be looped, but Chart1,Chart2......cant.
How can i make it? Thanks for the help...