Ok lets say i want to make a web browser with tabs how would i get the first tab to display a webpage like google.ca as soon as the application opens?

there is no load event

Error 1 'Navigate' is not a member of 'System.Windows.Forms.TabControl'.

You have to have the webbrowser control on the tab.

Hmm i don't understand what you mean XD


He is saying that you need to add the web browser control to the form...

In your tools there is a control called called webbrowser. Put this control on the tab you want the site to show. If it isn't there add it by right clicking on the toolbox and selecting "Choose Item". Under the .NET Frameworks Components scroll down and check the Webbrowser control.

Here is a project showing what I am talking about.

I had this problem myself. You have to add:
AddTab("http://www.google.ca", TabControl1)
if a tab doesnt come on startup or this if it does:
They were saying if you didnt use tabs.

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