Hello all in daniweb,

I am a newbie here. I am very happy to have joined a community that devotes a good part of its time and resources to software and associated activities. This is a nice platform for an aspirant in the computer industry to know and get known; it is nice to pick up important and useful technical tips from the friends here, and also to pass around what you know to others here.

I recently learned VB.NET; but have not been as yet able to apply the nuances not even in the smallest way possible. Now I am afraid whether I would lose touch of this beautiful application. So I was glad to find this site - an apt one for novices like me to acquire tips and information regarding coding in VB.NET. So I request all here to kindly help me with programme samples - mainly dealing with class modules - so that I can gain valuable exposure to the programming world.

Thanks in advance,


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