I have a simple question.
Is it possible for a C variable to have a user-defined name?
Imagine this:
I have a function lets call it: create_new
It receives a string, lets call it: name[ ]
So the function looks like this:
char create_new(char name[ ])
My question is, can I use the characters in name[ ], to attribute a user-defined name to the string of chars that will be returned by the function. If not, how else can I attribute a user chosen name to a char string?

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Not sure just what you are asking Do you want the contents of the array name to contain some text that the user entered via keyboard ?

char name[80] = {0};
printf("Enter your name\n");
fgets(name,sizeof(name), stdin);
printf("You entered %s\n", name);

No, thats not really what I want. I want that the contents of variable name[ ], become the name of the char array that will be returned by function create_new, so that I have a different char array every time I call the function...


i can't for the life of me imagine why you would want to do such a thing.

but, admittedly, i'm getting old, and my neuronic sheaths are calcifiying....

struct uservar {
  struct uservar *next;
  char *userVarName;
  int userVarValue;

When you want to create a new one, allocate one of the above, complete the name (and value), and append to a list.
When you want to look up the user named variable, search the list.

etc etc.

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