I want to make a weather reporting project . the requirements of project are as follows
There are there sensors ie
1. Sensor for Weather
2. Sensor for Humidity
3. Sensor for rain
All the data sensed by these sensors want to display on a web page where there will be buttons like current weather , humidity and rain reports after every seconds
How I make sensors to interface with that web page using JAVA ok I have thought following steps
1. See how the data is being interfaced with the computer
2. Then figure out how can you read that data from programming language say Java
3. Write a program that will get the data periodically say every 5 seconds
4. Display the data on web page
5. Also store the data in database for record

Is there any body who tell me how I can take these steps in JAVA and what is required me in jVA to take all these steps to accompalish this project

Please Help me in mine Project


Good luck with that. Current JSR 256 only support motion detection and gravitation, and even though it is said it can support external sensors nobody so far succeeded. Motion sensors are currently used in mobile phones that either use Java (J2ME) or Symbian OS(C++). All-in-all beside writing ypur application in Java you need to create your communication chanel between sensor and server either in C or C++.