I'm not sure how to approach this problem.. mostly with the while statement..
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The Problem:
Write a program on timber regrowth of a harvested forest. The user is to enter the total number of acres in the harvested area, the number of acres which were left uncut, and the reforestation rate. The program will then determine how many years are required for the number of cut acres to be completely restored. Your program should display the initial conditions, and display the progress made as each year passes in a table.

It is assumed that reforestation takes place at a known rate per year, depending on soil and climate conditions. A reforestation equation states this growth as a function of the amount of timber standing and the reforestation rate. So for year x, the total reforested acres of timber = (starting total forested acres for year x -1) times (reforestation rate), so if the starting total forested acres for year x -1 is 1000, and the reforestation rate is .04, then the total reforested acres of timber for year x = 1000 + 1000 * .04 or 1040 acres, for year x + 1, the total would be 1040 + 1040 * .04 or 1081.6 acres.


Enter total acres: 12000
Enter acres uncut: 3000
Enter reforestation rate: .04

Year Forested Acres
0 3000.00
1 3120.00
2 3244.80
3 3374.59
... ...
36 12311.80

Start with

> Enter total acres: 12000

Which ends with
"You entered 12000 for the acres"

If you can't get the input right, the rest of the calculation just won't work.

Break the problem down into small steps.